Currently there are 2 different builds for now. Free and Premium. 

Lets explain what is available:

  1. Movies
    • In Theaters
    • Newly Released
    • Most Popular
    • People Watching Now
    • Box Office Hits
    • By Genre
    • By Oscar winner
    • By Year
    • Search for people
  2. Free TV
    • Local News
    • All Channels possible in the world (free)
    • Biography
    • Culinary
    • Art/Crafts
    • Ladies Stuff
    • Outdoors
    • Military
    • Motor/Vehicles
    • Gaming
    • Fitness
    • etc.

How do these compare from Free and Premium?

Movies are available in what ever quality they are provided. Standard, HD, 720 or 1080 (High Definition).
TV is provided through IPTV (Internet Provided TV) no TV guide. You can find what you want by looking at what Network its on, or category you look in.
News local and around the world.
You get Sports/PPV events from around the world, again quality is hit and miss.


Same as Free but higher quality of picture, mostly 1080 some in 4K but usually all in High Definition.
You get a TV Guide with most shows in 720 or greater.
News local and around the world.
Sports are all in 720 or better and included PPV Live events in high definition.