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Everything is working but we are in the process of updating website.

If you are here, then you must be thinking about cutting your Cable TV cost. With TTV, you will save money but know that we do not host any content that you will end up streaming.

Currently you may have basic Cable TV programming with additional paid services such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, You Tube service etc.  We estimated your monthly bill for all that $150-$200 or more!!! WHY???

Have you heard of Kodi???

With this app and a little time to set it up (15-25 min) and you have all the aforementioned and more.

We currently offer 2 different builds, Premium and Free.
Review detailed differences here.

Premium service – est. $150 for 6 months ($25 per month)
Pay as you go, cancel at anytime no contracts. Subscription based. Very good cheap cable alternative. Better packages then any major company. Includes PPV/Live events and all movies channels, with an occasional movie that isn’t even released or that are currently playing in the theater. Complete TV guide and a dedicated area for all Sports including PPV/Live Events.

Free services – no cost to you
Service is not 100% perfect (80% – 90%). Various channel will go down from time to time for things such as server maintenance and usually back up and running within a day or two.

How do you get started??

Things you need:

  • Streaming device: Firestick (Entry Level -low grade $40), Fire TV (Good -mid grade $70), Nvidia Shield (High End – probably the best $200) running Kodi.
  • Internet about a 50mb connection (common starter package)
  • Basic technical knowledge (can you use a smart phone? install apps, remove apps, etc.)

Download Links –¬†Kodi

Kodi will need to be installed on the device, i.e. firestick.

For details on this process click here.

Once installed go over to the Wizard page and follow instructions

*This will work on all Android OS 5.0+ devices (i.e. phones/tablets/firestick/firetvs/NvidiaShield/ Android devices). There are windows versions of Kodi/SPMC and this will probably work, although we do not support it. Use windows versions at your own risk!